Overview of Patient Gateway

Patient Gateway provides:

 Password-protected, secure access to your medical information.

 All day, every day availability— no waiting on hold.

 Speedy connectivity and ease of use.

 Pre-filled forms that streamline your requests for service.

 The clinician-approved Healthwise© Knowledgebase, providing the latest health information in clear, everyday language.

Home Page

Your Home page is the first page you see when you log on to Patient Gateway. Your patient identification information is located near the upper left side of the Home page. It also indicates whether you have any new Patient Gateway messages, future appointments, test results, or notification of new features.


All of the messages sent via the Partners Patient Gateway remain accessible only to you and your authorized practice. The messages are not sent over the Internet using regular email. These messages are contained on a secure computer system that can only be accessed using a specially authorized Partners Health Care network login (such as your doctor has) or the user name and password to your account (which only you have). It's similar to having a locked box for mail that only you and your health care provider have keys to. You put a message in the box, your provider takes it out, reads it, and puts back a reply. No mail carrier, sorting equipment, or delivery system is involved. This ensures that your personal information is shared only with the individuals you want— your personal health care providers.

There are two types of mail in Patient Gateway: service requests and patient-practice messaging. The way this works for you depends on the options selected by your particular health care practice.


Requests include Prescription Renewals, New Appointment Requests, and Insurance Authorization for Referrals. Your practice may use any or all of these. Request forms are pre-filled with information from your Preferences and Health Record to make completion quick and simple.

Patient-Practice Messaging

You may also have the option to send general messages that are not associated with available service requests to the office of your physician. The message goes to the practice mailbox, and a member of the practice staff forwards the message to your physician.

Your Health Record

Your Health Record provides access to some of the information in your medical record. Patient Gateway draws health record information from the LMR, an electronic medical record application used by many Partners HealthCare providers. Your practice determines what health record information, if any, is appropriate for display in Patient Gateway. If your practice has decided not to display a health record item, the item does not appear in your Health Record menu. Some of the options you may see include medications and allergies, past and future appointments, test results, test result letters, and immunizations. At present, you cannot add information to your Patient Gateway Health Record.

Health Library

The Healthwise© Knowledgebase is an electronic resource for up-to-date information on a variety of health issues. Healthwise is divided into four general categories. You can search any combination of the categories for topics related to a single issue, or browse through each area's index for the topic that interests you most. The Healthwise Knowledgebase includes:


Here you will see the list of providers you have selected, along with options to add or remove providers.


Click the Patient Gateway Account button to edit email settings, your email address, user name, password, and secret question.


Click the Patient Gateway Support button for technical support (not medical care issues).

Important: Due to the secure nature of the Patient Gateway website, please avoid using the Back button. All navigation can be performed from the links within the Patient Gateway application.

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