This message concerns you if you get email from Partners HealthCare and your email is not a Partners’ address.  If the message has ‘send secure’ in the subject line, it has confidential Protected Health or Personal Information in it.  State and federal regulations require these emails be encrypted so only you can read them with a password you create. 

What you need to do:  The first time you get a ‘send secure’ message, register with Cisco Registered Envelope Service (CRES).  This is done once and takes only a few minutes.  To read future secure emails just use the password you created.

See Instructions for How to Open a Secure Email to register and activate your account. 

For more help, contact CRES:   Online:  https:/
                                                         By Phone:  1-800-553-2447. Mon-Fri, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.
















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