Global Food Systems and Sustainable Nutrition in the 21st Century

June 15th


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Steven Grinspoon, MD

From Family Farms to Global Food Systems: Where Will Food Come From in 2021?
Jessica Fanzo, PhD

Session I: Global Food Systems and The Public Health
Moderators: Marie-France Hivert, MD, MMSc and Kathleen Fitch, MSN, Harvard Medical School

Global Food Systems, Malnutrition, and Obesity
Lindsay Jaacks, PhD

Global Food Systems and Systemic Inequity: Who Do These Systems Serve?
Nicholas Nisbett, PhD
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Global Food Systems and Zoonotic Disease

Delia Grace Randolph, PhD

Structural Barriers to Accessing Healthy Food: Current Evidence from the U.S. and Abroad
Chelsea R. Singleton, PhD, MPH
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Session II: Global Food Systems and Climate Change
Moderator: Christopher Golden, PhD, MPH, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health

Interaction between Crops and Climate

Peter Huybers, PhD

Effect of Climate Change on Global Food Security
Molly E. Brown, PhD
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Session III: Moving Forward � Individual and Collective Actions toward Sustainable Nutrition
Christopher Duggan, MD, MPH

What Does an Environmentally Sustainable Diet Look Like?
Walter C. Willett, MD, DrPH

Is a Healthy and Sustainable Diet Affordable?
William A. Masters, PhD

Transition Steps towards Healthy Sustainable Food Systems: What we can do now
Patrick Webb, PhD

Three Visions for an Environmentally Sustainable and Equitable Food System
Panel Discussion
Namukolo Covic, PhD
Tim Benton, PhD
Ruth A. Richardson

Concluding Remarks

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