Partners HealthCare EPIC


Date: May 16, 2013
Time: 8:00 a.m.- 12:00 p.m.
Location: Boston Newton Marriott

Scene Name Actor and Actress Names Video LINK
Welcome & Introduction

Opening- Partners presents "At the Movies"
Rose Sheehan

Michael Mercurio & Mary Murray

9 min.
Scene 1
Sandra Cabral, Tasha Hogeboom, Sarah Moquin,
Nicole Ready, Jason Trella

19 min.
Scene 2
ED Arrival & Transfer to IP

Mark Droste, Kenna Knowles,
Beth Nelson, Kate Harrington Ravenelle

31 min.
Scene 3
Admission with Inter-unit Transfer
Alice Erharhine-Aziza, John Hauck, Beth Nelson,
Tammy Rip, Jason Thresher, Bernice Von Saleski

32 min.
Scene 4
JoAnn Hamel, Jean Driscoll,
Deidre Long, Rose Sheehan

12 min.
13 min.
Scene 5
Outpatient Lab / Client Billing
Kevin Barnes, Sarah Moquin, Sarah Woodbury
13 min.
Scene 6
Transplant (Solid Organ)

Sandy Armstrong, Angela Marquez, Molly Steinberg, Alexis Williamson
21 min.
Scene 7
Research Patient
Gerry Gendron, Sarah Moquin, Anita Phipps, Jason Trella
15 min.
Scene 8
PB Denials
JoAnn Hamel, Robyn O’Connell, Sarah Woodbury
12 min.
Scene 9
SBO Customer Service

Sandy Campbell, Jean Driscoll, Naomi Evans, Dave Larsson, Amy Olsen
26 min.
11 min.

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