Leaders in Youth Mental Health Series

Hosted by: McLean Hospital School Consultation Service
Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
Harvard Medical School Affiliate

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September 18, 2022

Understanding Self-Harm for Parents
Michael Hollander, Ph.D.

1. Participants will understand the difference between suicidal behavior and NSSI.
2. Participants will learn how to validate the emotional experience of NSSI without condoning the behavior.
3.Participants will learn how to use Radical Acceptance and other Distress Tolerance Skills to stay on balance when managing NSSI.


October 05, 2022

Taming the Perfectionistic Drive
Nathaniel Van Kirk, Ph.D.

1. Learn about the different forms perfectionism may take and how to differentiate between adaptive/functional perfectionism and mal-adaptive perfectionism.
2. Recognize signs of maladaptive perfectionism and it's impact.
3. Learn strategies for combating maladaptive perfectionism and supporting high school students struggling with perfectionism.


October 12, 2022

Mindful Parenting
Blaise Aguirre, M.D.

Multitasking is considered a skill that many parents recognize as a capacity. The problem is that all evidence shows that the brain cannot efficiently multitask. In multitasking, rather than doing lots of things well, we end up doing lots of things not as well as we could have. Bouncing back and forth between tasks when caring for children can be distracting and stressful. Mindful parenting is another approach.

In this talk, you will recognize how mindful parenting can:
1) Help caregivers feel more responsive and less stressed
2) Recognize the benefits of pausing and then by stepping away from multitasking and be more effective
3)Model the practice for their kids with the goal of less reactive interactions


October 25, 2022

Understanding Teens: Brains, Protection, and Risk
Marisa Silveri, Ph.D.

This lecture addresses many dimensions of teenagers. Beginning with a journey through teenage brain development, based on brain imaging findings, aspects of emotional and cognitive growth that accompany the teenage years will be discussed. These collective changes during the second decade of life will then be discussed from the perspectives of factors, protective and risk factors, associated with initiation and escalation of substance use, and issues with mental health.


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